About the LearnX® Awards and LearnX®

The LearnX® Awards have been in practice since 2008. As with every year, the LearnX® Awards standings continue to surpass expectations with a surge in high-calibre applications from around the world. The LearnX® Awards are an international and professional awards program that recognizes multiple fields of learning and talent development throughout the corporate, education, public, and not-for-profit sectors worldwide.

Applicants may elect to enter the EdTech category independently and/or enter the education field. An academy, business school, campus, college, education association, government agency, institute, nonprofit, RTO, university, etc. are examples of educational enterprises.

Award applications are objectively assessed against set criteria by independent judges via a points system scorecard—on merit, not comparatively. This quality-driven process ensures an equal playing field and an opportunity for success with each application.

A Platinum Award is the highest accolade (7 stars), while a Bronze Award is the lowest (3 stars). Each year, the LearnX® Awards uncover the most innovative projects and technology solutions that deliver best practices and value to enterprises of various structures and sizes. Many of these experiences are then selected through consultation and shared with the wider community during the LearnX® Summit & Awards Show, also branded as ‘The Main Event’ by industry. The LearnX® objective is also to shine a light on the talented teams and individuals involved in these works and the enterprises that support them.

The LearnX® Awards are the most prized accolade in the world of learning, talent, and skill development—a true symbol of class. Winning a LearnX® Award is a triumph of learning and talent. LearnX® is a professional event management agency (Est. 2007) that operates to amplify the impact of learning and talent development and supporting technologies. Thousands of award applications have been adjudicated, resulting in professional recognition, and positively influencing 1.5+ million talented personnel across numerous industries and countries.

What is the deadline for submitting application(s)?

The deadline for submission is Fri 30 Aug. UTC 11.99pm WordTimeMap

Who has entered the awards?

The LearnX® Awards draw entries from leading global enterprises, as well as mid-sized and smaller organisations, across the corporate, private, public service, education, non-profit, and community sectors worldwide. Thousands of high-calibre entries have been successful since 2008. View the winners’ compilation list at https://learnx.live/winners-500/.

Industry sectors include:
Agriculture – Architecture/Buildings – Arts/Performing – Automotive/Aerospace – Aviation – Banking/Finance – Construction – Cyber Security/Development – Defence (Land, Sea, Air) – Education/Training – Energy (Electric, Oil, Gas) – Engineering (Civil/Industrial) – Environmental/Sustainability) – Forestry – Gaming/Entertainment – Healthcare/Wellbeing – Hospitality/Accommodation (Food/Beverage) – Information/Media – IT/Telecom – Manufacturing (Heavy/Light) – Maritime/Fisheries (Ports/Shipping) – Medical (Pharmacy/Technology) – Mining/Resources – Policing/Security – Retail/Consumer – Sport – Tourism/Recreation – Transport/Logistics – Travel (Sea, Land, Air) – Urban Design (Civic/Public).

Who is eligible to enter the awards?

The Awards are open to individuals, teams, and enterprises from the corporate, private, public service, education, non-profit and community sectors worldwide, whatever their size. In the new era of work, all enterprise, team, and talent structures are eligible to enter. Each award’s description specifies whether it is enterprise-wide, targeted to a specific group, or industry-specific, including industry subgroups. Vendors may enter with, or on behalf of a client, with prior endorsement from the client. The vendor application needs to identify the client.

How is a team defined?

A ‘team’ is defined as two or more highly talented specialists who provide internal and/or external expertise, management, consultation, training, and/or industry-specific services. A team can be from one or more enterprises, including vendor companies. All teamwork arrangements (e.g., office, on/off site, hybrid, WFH/remote, flexible, etc.) are recognised.

Do you provide support?

Yes. If you cannot find the answer to your questions in the FAQ/G, please feel free to contact us via email at awards@learnx.live. Please do not leave questions until the deadline, as we may not be able to answer quickly due to the volume of queries being managed.


How do I register?

Firstly, you need to create an account in the online awards management system (Evalato). It takes about 2 minutes to complete, and you only need to do this once. On completion, you will receive an email with your secure/private login details from the Evalato system.

What is the 'Special Discount' rate per application?

The ‘Special Discount’ rate is $275 AUD per application. Ends July 31.

How much is the 'Regular Rate' per application?

The ‘Regular Rate’ is $330 AUD per application.

Can I buy now and choose applications later?

Yes. You may also pay now and choose applications later. When ready to select applications, contact the LearnX Awards Team to gain access to the Evalato portal. awards@learnx.live

What are the entry options?

You can enter one or multiple awards. You can use the same project, solution, or program to enter various award categories, but the specified criteria for each award must be met, and each category is deemed a separate application. The system allows you to switch between application forms, so you can work on multiple entries before submission.

If the judges assess that your entry aligns better with another category, you will be contacted to discuss options.

What are the 4 easy steps to enter the awards?

1: Select your award applications.
2: Enter your details to create an account.
3: Make your payment online.
4: Complete all criteria and submit anytime up to the deadline, Friday, August 30, 2024.

How many awards can I enter?

There is no limit to the number of awards you can submit.

Can I return to enter more awards?

Yes. You can return to purchase additional applications before the final deadline, Friday, August 30, 2024. However, you will need to create a new registration for this and add the extra application(s).

Can I work on more than one application?

Yes. You can work on multiple applications.

What is the acceptable language for applications, etc.?

Applications will only be accepted when submitted in the English language. This includes everything online via the Evalato Portal and any attachments or digital assets.


What is meant by the term project?

The term ‘project’ can refer to classes, courses, curriculum, deployments, developments, education, evaluations, implementations, initiatives, learning, lessons, models, modules, programs, strategies, and trainings, etc.

Can a project be submitted in multiple categories?

Yes. A project can be submitted in multiple categories.

What is the timeline for a project?

Projects, etc., must have been implemented between 2021 and 2024.

What is meant by the term EdTech?

The term ‘EdTech’ can refer to educational enterprises (e.g., an academy, business school, campus, college, education association, government agency, institute, nonprofit, RTO, TAFE, university, etc.).

What is meant by the term talent?

The term ‘talent’ can refer to a learner, employee, worker, instructor, coach, mentor, tutor, manager, leader, educator, designer, technologist, specialist, consultant, expert, supervisor, owner, professional, staff, student, graduate, trainer, academic, teacher, lecturer, trainee, apprentice, etc.

Do the criteria have a format?

Yes. Criteria/format guides are provided and can be used in part or in full at the applicant’s discretion.
1. (e.g., context, challenges, technicalities, learning/project outcomes, and participant/leadership expectations).
2. (e.g., design, development, resources, technology/innovation, and implementation plan).
3. (e.g., substantiation of the ROI impacts/business outcomes and participant/leadership feedback after project release).

Can I create a PDF, Word document, or video to answer the criteria?

Yes. A PDF, Word document, or video with an embedded direct link (YouTube or Vimeo, etc.) can be used for each of the criteria (1–3). When ready to submit, you must register online via the Evalato Online System below, and refer to the relevant PDF, Word document, or video in the criteria.

Can I work on my application(s) in the online Evalato system before payment?

No. Payment must be received for you to gain full access to edit, copy, upload and save your application(s) as you go.

Can I supply backup information to support my application(s)?

Yes. It is up to the applicant to decide what additional backup information, files, or links should be included to strengthen their application. Upload file functions are provided in the online portal (20MB). Excessive-size files can be sent via http://www.wetransfer.com or other transfer technologies.

Will I be notified when I submit application(s)?

Yes. Each entry will be acknowledged by a notification email from the awards management system (Evalato).

Will applications be judged without payment?

No. Applications will not be judged without prior payment.

Can I edit my application(s) after submitting?

Yes. You can edit the application(s) after submitting them up until the submission deadline, Fri 30 Aug. However, you will need to contact the awards team via email at awards@learnx.live to have your entry unlocked for editing.

Can I change my application(s) later?

To change an application (e.g., Best Online Learning Model to Best Blended Learning Model), you will need to email awards@learnx.live to request the change.

Can I withdraw my application(s)?

Yes. All applications can be withdrawn up to the submission deadline, Fri 30 Aug. However, there are no refunds. All withdrawal requests must be emailed to awards@learnx.live.


How do I pay for my application(s)?

Payment can be made securely online by credit card in the awards management system (Evalato) at the time of registration.

When do I need to pay for my application(s)?

Payment is required on registration.

I paid online by Credit Card. When will I receive a Tax Invoice?

Yes. You will receive a Tax Invoice via email within 14 days.

Are there any refunds?

No. There are no refunds.


How are applications judged?

Applications are judged on merit via a scorecard, not comparatively. Projects, teams, and solutions are unique to each enterprise (small, medium, or large) and are judged accordingly. All award criteria are set in three parts, which give the judges a quality standard to use to score applicant responses. In a contemporary and competitive environment, this represents a just, objective, and practical judging solution.

Judges are assigned categories in line with their experience and industry expertise. There are three judges per category or application. Judges will read, assess, and score applications, considering supporting materials. The scores are then combined and averaged to determine the final score for each application.

What is the judging order of applications?

Awards are judged in order of their online submission ‘lodgement time’ in each category; e.g., the first award submitted for ‘Best Online Learning Model’ gets judged first, and the last award submitted for ‘Best Online Learning Model’ gets judged last.

How do the criteria and scoring work?

All criteria 1–3 must be completed. Each criterion has a limit of 750 words. This is automatically tallied as you type in each panel section. Criteria/format guides are provided for each application and can be used in part or in full at the applicant’s discretion.

Each criterion has been assigned a specific score. The maximum score per entry is 50 points. Once you have signed up, you will be able to view the points for each criterion or question or go to the menu bar. Upon reaching 25 points, an entrant automatically becomes a nominee/placegetter. As scoring continues, the rating is as follows:

45 to 50 points: Platinum Winner: 7 LearnX Stars
40 to 44 points: Diamond Winner: 6 LearnX Stars
35 to 39 points: Gold Winner: 5 LearnX Stars
30 to 34 points: Silver Winner: 4 LearnX Stars
25 to 29 points: Bronze Winner: 3 LearnX Stars

Entrants who score 25 points or fewer are not categorised. As a result, some categories will have a greater number of winners than others, and others may have fewer winners.

Do applications remain confidential?

Yes. Judges will not share confidential material, judging papers, and/or applications. All submitted materials are deleted and/or destroyed after the judging process. The nature of the LearnX® Awards is such that you may need to include confidential information as part of your entry. All information supplied will be restricted to the awards’ management team or judges and remain strictly confidential. All work relating to an entry is guaranteed via non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) signed by the awards management team and judges. Applications are released to the judging panel after the final deadline, and judges can only access entries that they have been provided to score. All judging discussions are confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the judging panel ahead of the winners’ announcements or thereafter.

Who judges the applications?

LearnX® Live! Awards judges remain anonymous to maintain the integrity of the Awards program and the judging process. Judges are not permitted to promote their participation in the Awards program. Judges are selected through an online nomination process. The judges need to be past LearnX® Award winners.

Judges are explicitly trained in the Awards adjudicating systems/processes and are selected for their professional expertise, knowledge of modern learning technologies, talent management practices, and are past winners.

Judges are remunerated for their services, to support the highest standard of adjudicating. Judges are limited to one term (3 years). There are no vendors on the judging panels or awards management team.

Can someone be nominated to be a judge?

Yes. To be accepted for an initial evaluation, a person must have been nominated by three individuals from separate organizations. Self-nominations are not accepted. Nominations for potential judges need to address, in 150 words or fewer, the nominee’s credentials for judging via email to awards@learnx.live.


When will the results be announced?

Applicants who score 25 points or more are nominees (placegetters) and will be notified via email by Friday, Sept. 6. The final results, Platinum, Diamond, and Gold will be Zoomed Free Live Online on October 30 and 31, 2024. Online registration opening soon.

What are the award-winners’ entitlements?

Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze receive one certificate per winning entry, including postage and handling (P/H). Additional certificates, including P&H, will be available for purchase and charged on an individual basis to the recipient. Award-winner logos will be supplied to winners for internal and external promotions via email. Following the award-winning results at the end of November 2024, the names of the winners will be made available online for a six-month period.

Winners engraved crystal trophies can be purchased upon request. (P&H) fees apply. At the time of publication of these guidelines, the exact pricing of trophies and additional certificates (P&H) was not available. Prices will be available after the event ceremony in October 2024, when suppliers confirm details.

My question is not listed here. Who do I contact?

Kindly send an email with your enquiry to awards@learnx.live. We promise to respond to your inquiry as quickly as we can. Please don’t wait until the last minute to ask questions; because of the volume of enquiries we receive, we might not be able to respond right away.


Entry Disclaimer

By registering for the LearnX® Awards, the applicant(s) are agreeing to always adhere to the guidelines of entry. These guidelines may change due to technical requirements and events beyond our control, with or without notice. The FAQ/Guidelines may be updated and/or exclude information and timelines that are no longer relevant.

LearnX® Awards reserves the right to refuse or disqualify an application without recourse if the guidelines are not followed or for any reason deemed necessary. If an application is refused or disqualified, all payments will be refunded. Copyright © 2008-2024 LearnX® Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.