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2023 Summit & Awards Show Agenda

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Your Hosts:
Ravina Bhatia, Director & Chief Learning Officer at LearningTribe
Danny Ginsberg, Chief Executive officer, of Culture Hero
Mini-Opening Session
Call To Adventure!

Culture Hero will facilitate an engaging and playful session where we will create an open and positive space to connect and harness the opportunities for the day. Through our unique approach to playful activities, we will help shift mindsets to be open to new possibilities, unlock thinking, and set the scene for wider engagement to support the journey ahead.


10:30am - 11:00am HEADLINER TALK LIVE!

Speaker: Peter Mellow, Director, Learning Design and Systems, Learning and Teaching Directorate, Eastern Health.
Subject: ‘Show me the Learning!’ – Why we need a flexible LMS now more than ever.
Session Summary: Now that we are in some semblance of a post-COVID normality, it is not a time to slide back into pre-COVID training practices. Take the lessons we learned through isolation and create stronger education and training solutions for your organisation. Broadening the base of your LMS can create more efficient educational experiences for your staff and give managers clearer reporting and HR benefits. Consider using subtraction rather than addition in your learning design to appeal to a more demanding and time poor workforce.
Session Key Learnings:
(A) Rather than return to pre-COVID practice, embrace the flexibility options that COVID afforded us.
(B) Creating a more open and flexible LMS can offer both human and efficiency benefits to an organisation.
(C) Wield your design scalpel and use subtraction rather than addition solutions to learning design.

11:00am - 11:15am INTERVAL

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11:15am - 11.45am HEADLINER TALK LIVE!

Speaker: Peter Clowes, Director, MAXART
Subject: Navigating the Next Generation of VR/AR Training Technologies
Session Summary: VR and AR technologies are changing at such a rapid pace that it’s often hard to keep up with the latest developments on applications for education and training. In this presentation, Peter is going to update you on what’s new in this space, what’s coming over the horizon and why should you be being paying attention to new developments in VR and AR technology for training. Peter will also share some practical examples of where this technology can best be applied today, and into the future.
Session Key Learnings:
(A) What’s new in VR/AR training technologies?
What does the future of this technology look like?
(C) Why is this important, and why should you pay attention?
(D) When is the right time to look at new technologies like VR and AR?
(E) How are people using this technology today, and in the future?

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11:45am - 12:00pm INTERVAL

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12:00pm - 12.30pm HEADLINER TALK LIVE!

Speaker: Deborah Coram, Director & CEO, Safetrac
Subject: The Evolution and Ethics, Compliance and Culture, and its Impact on Corporate Learning
Session Summary: In today’s business environment it is essential to promote ethical behaviours and comply with the law. Equally, business directors are being tasked to meet Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics while overseeing a healthy corporate culture. In this session, Deborah will talk about:
– The difference between and interplay of ethics, compliance, culture and ESG
– Using compliance training as an opportunity to help establish healthy workplaces
– Case studies that show a positive return on investment from mandatory training
Session Key Learnings:
Learn how ethics and compliance work together to build your business culture
(B) INTERACTIVE: Find out where your business sits on their compliance training journey
(C) How to increase training budgets by linking learning outcomes to culture and ESG metrics

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Winners will be announced in the following order:

Best Talented Team – Awards Suite
– Compliance Team
– Customer Experience Team
– eLearning Team
– Innovation Team
– Learning & Talent Development Team
– Learning Design Team
– Organisational Development Team
– Partnership
– (VR) Design & Development Team

Best Talent Strategy – Awards Suite
– Career Development
– Coaching (Online)
– Diversity/Inclusion
– Learning Culture
– Organisational Development
– Team Development
– Wellbeing Strategy

1:00pm - 1:30pm HEADLINER TALK LIVE!

Speaker: Heather Vounnou, The Global Beauty Group
Subject: Creating Beautiful & Engaging Learning Experiences
Session Summary: Online learning has the power to bring world-class education to any part of the world. While it is considered the new normal for students, transitioning from traditional to online learning can still be challenging and is often viewed as dull in some instances. As Instructional Designers, we compete with myriad visually and aesthetically engaging online spaces that our students are constantly interacting with. This is all the more reason we need to create learning modules and resources that can hold their own, further entice learning engagement and create education ‘experiences’ that’s memorable for all the right reasons.
Session Key Learnings:
Tips on how to create visually engaging learning content and resources in a blended learning space
(B) Discover how to develop an impactful, visual learning experience for your students that helps increase memory retention and create raving fans



Winners will be announced in the following category order:

 Best Learning Model – Awards Suite
– Blended Learning
– Custom/Bespoke Learning
– Future Learning
– Online Learning
– Rapidly Shifted Online Learning

2:00pm - 2:30pm HEADLINER TALK LIVE!

Speaker: Michael North, Digital Learning Manager, DuluxGroup
Subject: Shifting your Learning Strategy from Brick to Click 2
Summary: In a post-COVID world where an increasing number of people work and learn remotely, having both remote programs and always on digital learning is now more important than ever – but getting there is not always easy. Michael gives insights into the DuluxGroup transformation of their learning programs over the last 5 years. This includes the challenges, strategy, practical applications, tools, and techniques enabling the shift from traditional hands-on programs to a healthy blend of old and new.
Session Key Learnings:
(A) Analysis of programs and initiatives as defined in the case study.
(B) Recognition of tools and techniques that can be applied increase digital learning output and adoption.

2:30pm - 3:15pm AWARD-WINNERS (BEST L&D PROJECT - P1)

Winners will be announced in the following category order:

 Best Learning & Talent Development Project – Awards Suite (Part 1)
– Certification Training
– Compliance Training
– Content Curation
– Customer Experience Training
– Environmental Education
– Ethical Training
– Health & Safety Training
– Hybrid Learning
– Induction/Onboarding
– Leadership Training
– Learning Campaign

3:15pm - 3:45pm HEADLINER TALK LIVE!

Speaker: Nicole Walshe, Change Lead, Lion
Subject: Learning Campaign: Integrated Business Planning
Session Summary: Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a process which drives an organisation to higher levels of maturity by removing traditional functional barriers and siloed thinking; replacing them with ways of working based on integrated planning, decision making, processes and teams. The role of IBP is to align individual functions within the business (marketing, sales, supply chain, and finance) to our strategy and then leverage IBP to ensure we have a plan to achieve it to. This change evoked a learning campaign to ensure everyone was on the journey together. Then, the IBP learning campaign was born!
Session Key Learnings:
(A) For Lion to continue up the IBP maturity curve in embedding a sustainable process, Lion team members needed to understand the process and why we were deploying this change, their role in it, it’s challenges and opportunities.
(B) The learning campaign goal was also to gain alignment and ‘buy in’ from the team members across a variety of business units in a captivating and engaging way.

3:45pm - 4:15pm AWARD-WINNERS (BEST L&D PROJECT - P2)

Winners will be announced in the following category order:

 Best Learning & Talent Development Project – Awards Suite (Part 2)
– Learning & Development
– Learning & Development (Industry Specific)
– Learning Transfer
– Mobile Learning
– Pandemic/Emergency Training
– People & Performance Training
– Performance Support
– Product Knowledge Training
– Product Knowledge Training (Industry Specific)
– Sales Training
– Social Learning
– Technical Skills Training



Your Hosts:
Ravina Bhatia, Director & Chief Learning Officer at LearningTribe
Danny Ginsberg, Chief Executive Office, Culture Hero
Mini-Opening Session
Crossing of the First Threshold
Culture Hero invite you to explore the transformative power of play — something which everyone already knows how to do and has certainly done before. Why Play? Because, as a mindset, playfulness is foundational for all future skills needed to navigate the uncertainty we are perpetually faced. We’ll give you the permission, space and spark that is needed to build more connection, well-being and new thinking within your organisation and unlock the human possible.


10:30am - 11:00am HEADLINER TALK LIVE!

Speaker: Alexander Roche, CEO & Director, Educational Technology, Androgogic
Subject: LXP, what’s all the hype?
Session Summary: This session will explore how the Learning Experience Platform or ‘LXP’ arose and why it is such a hot topic amongst learning and development professionals. It will examine old and new paradigms of learning in the context of Edutech systems that support them and look from the past to the future.
Session Key Learnings:
(A) Understand what an LXP is and how it might augment existing learning system.
(B) Awareness of a range of key use cases for LXP enabling community and social learning including learning across silos in an organisation.
(B) Have a sense of how AI can amplify learning in a good learning environment.

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Winners will be announced in the following category order:

Best eLearning Project – Awards Suite
– eLearning Project
– eLearning Project (Industry Specific)
– F2F Classroom Transfer to Virtual
– Hybrid Pre-Induction/Onboarding
– On-Demand eLearning
– Pandemic/Emergency eLearning
– New eLearning Adopter
– Refresher Training
– Widespread eLearning Adopter
– Virtual Workshop (Full)

11:30am - 12:00pm HEADLINER TALK LIVE!

Speaker: Adrian Phoon, Head of Content, GRC Solutions & Dylan Evans, Risk/Compliance Manager, Allied Credit Group
Subject: A Sustainable Alliance – How Allied Credit Powered up its Compliance Training
Session Summary: Allied Credit Group is an equipment and vehicle financier that provides the finance power behind some of Australia’s biggest names in motorcycling, marine, recreation vehicles and automotive finance. After scaling up their workforce and dealer networks dynamically over the past year, they sought mandatory, personalised compliance training on a wide range of topics to meet their expanding regulatory obligations. Discover how they did it, partnering with GRC Solutions to access its Salt learning platform technology and training library. All L&D professionals will be able to appreciate this story – a rallying cry for how engaging compliance training not only builds professionalism but also makes strong foundations for organisational growth.
Session Key Learnings:
(A) Effective compliance training isn’t a distraction – it strengthens core business.
(B) Learning technologies can create personalised learning experiences and support sustainable organisational growth at the same time.

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Winners will be announced in the following category order:

Best eLearning Design – Awards Suite
– Accessibility
– Agile
– Audio
– Free Resource
– Game
– Game (Industry Specific)
– Interactive Scenario
– Microlearning
– Simulation
– Video
– Video (Industry Specific)
– 360-Degree Video

12:30pm - 1:00pm HEADLINER TALK LIVE!

Speaker: Ravina Bhatia, Chief Learning Officer, LearningTribe
Subject: Designing for the Skills Revolution
Session Summary: The skills revolution is no secret. In recent years, organisations are unable to attract and retain talent. Executives within organisations find that their workforce do not have the skills needed to do their job now. Organisations today need to solve for building capability within their organisation and consider how they can leverage current skills and grow their people’s skills to equip them for the future. L&D has a role to play in enabling a skills marketplace and creating a design economy to equip the organisation for the current and future goals.
Session Key Learnings:
(A) Recognise the role of an enterprise skills framework in an organisation.
(B) Create a design ecosystem centred around skills.


Winners will be announced in the following category order:

– Best Learning & Talent Technology – Awards Suite
– Learning Management System (LMS)
– Learning Management System (LMS – Industry Specific)
– Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
– Learning Technology Innovation
– Digital Learning Ecosystem (DLE)
– LMS Suite (Gamification)
– LMS Suite (Compliance Training)
– LMS Suite (Employee Training & Development)
– LMS Suite (Product Knowledge Training)
– LMS Suite (Sales Training)
– Mobile App

1:30pm - 2:00pm HEADLINER TALK LIVE!

Speaker: Pradeep Khannan, Executive Director, The VR/AR Association
Subject: Evolution of VR/AR to XR to Metaverse and its Impact on Education & Training
Session Overview: Ever since Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, the whole world wants to know what a Metaverse is.
Session Key Learnings:
Evolution of VR/AR to XR and to Metaverse.
(B) What is the current state of play?
(C) What is the impact on Education & Training?


Winners will be announced in the following category order:

Best Virtual Reality Training – Awards Suite
– (AR) Industry Specific Training
– (VR) Team Development
– (VR) Enterprise Training
– (VR) Hard Skills
– (VR) Soft Skills
– (VR) Health & Safety Training
– (VR) Industry Specific Training
– (VR) New Training Adopter
– (VR) + F2F Integrated Training
– (VR) + Online Integrated Training